‘Tis the season for ….

….follow-up appointments!

Every three months or so we have to take Gavin to an on-slot of doctor’s appointments. The regular pediatrician appointments/”well visits” that all young kids go to plus a visit to the pediatric neurologist, neo-natal development team and the orthopedic team at Shriner’s Hospital. About two weeks ago it was the boys’ one-year check-up plus the neo-natal development check-up. The one-year check up was fine. Went as expected. The neo-natal development check-up went well too.

The hospital where the boys were born created a clinic several years back for preemies (not just twin preemies but singletons as well). The purpose of the clinic was to bring neonatologists and various therapists together to evaluate the development of preemies at various stages and recommend early intervention when/if needed to help reach milestones.

The development clinic appointments are always fun and honestly I look forward to them. We’re getting to know the staff (or should I say they are really getting to know us!) and a routine is setting in. We’ve met two of the doctors so far and like both of them. During Gavin’s appointment two weeks ago, towards the end of the appointment (after we showed the doctor and OT that with help, Gavin CAN walk**) the doctor said, “This kid is going to amaze a lot of people”. Appointments like that make us feel good. To know that all the work we are doing with him is paying off and that medical professionals can see the difference is uplifting.

Next week it’s the pediatric neurologist. This appointment always has me on edge. I like the doctor – he’s nice enough but what I like is that he’s direct. He doesn’t sugar coat things (which as those of you that know me – know I HATE!) Gavin’s genetics doctor actually hand picked the current neuro for us (he was cleared from genetics early on so we don’t see her anymore – shame really as she was awesome). Anyway the genetics doc knew we had seen a different neuro while Gavin was still in NICU and to say we didn’t like him would likely be the understatement of the year (see first post)! The genetics doc got a feel for us and wanted to pair us with a neuro that would be similar in personality (or at the very least get our personalities) but (per my request) also wouldn’t bull sh*t us (another pet peeve of mine).

The last two times we’ve been with the neuro we’ve walked out of the appointment feeling very down and frustrated. Not saying the guy is purposefully being a “Debbie downer” but he looks at the MRI’s Gavin has had, examines him and bases his opinions on those plus his vast experience as a pedi neuro. I’m hoping this time around he’ll be able to see the very noticeable differences in Gavin (oh and I WILL be showing him the pictures of Gavin coloring!) and realize what an amazing and remarkable kid Gavin is. Stay tuned.

**When I say “walk” I mean he can take about 6-7 steps if we hold his arms up (like you do with any young child when teaching them to walk). After step 7 his legs get tired and usually buckle. He can’t support the weight of his body. Yet. But that he KNOWS what to do with those little legs is HUGE!

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  1. Marie Bosse

    Great news, Kate and Colin. Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted.


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