Neurology is complicated

As mentioned in an early post, Gavin had his neurologist appointment last week. And while we didn’t leave feeling totally deflated, we didn’t leave feeling overly happy either – well that is until my dad put something into context for me.

The appointment it-self went much as expected. The doctor was happy to hear how well Gavin is doing but seems to glaze over at some of what we tell him. He was encouraged to hear about the additional services Gavin will be receiving but wonders about the bigger milestones (rolling, crawling, walking, etc.) Based on his exam of Gavin he finally puts a stake in the ground. Gavin has cerebral palsy. To what extent we won’t know until Gavin is older. Will he be diplegic or quadriplegic (2 limbs vs 4 limbs affected)? Will he have use of his hands? Questions we just won’t have answers to until he’s older.

While we knew this was coming, it was still hard to hear. The final nail in the coffin as it were. This diagnosis is now part of his medical record. As a parent you always have that one last thread of hope. Well his doctor pretty much snipped that thread last Wednesday. In and out in 20 mins. Didn’t he hear how well Gavin is doing? How much he’s improved?!

My dad works at the same hospital where all of our doctors are so we stopped by to see him before leaving. Told him the news. He wasn’t surprised either but gave this perspective. The neurologist measures milestones on a different level – and that’s ok. He’s supposed to – it’s his job. He isn’t meant to be one of Gavin’s cheerleaders. He’ll be excited when Gavin is rolling, crawling, walking, feeding himself, etc. It’s the people that see Gavin improvements each week that keep him going. His PT, OT, development team, pediatrician, teachers, etc. are the ones that are LOOKING for those smaller milestones because it means he is working towards the larger ones. And that is what matters. So we’ll see the neurologist again in 6 months for 20 mins and know that Gavin will have made some great improvements in the meantime. And maybe, just maybe a “neurologist measurable” milestone.





  1. Uncle Erik

    Before long Gavin is going to be using his little pumped up muscle man legs to kick those naysayer doctors in the butt. Go Gavin!!


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